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Dave and Darien K.



Dave and Darien serve with Frontiers, whose desire is to, with love and respect, invite all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus.

Dave serves as Mobilization Director for Frontiers’ US Sending Base in Phoenix, AZ. In this role he oversees a team of over 40 mobilizers, recruiters and speakers who scatter around the US to sound the call on behalf of Muslim peoples who have no access to the Good News of Jesus.

Dave and his team have the privilege of encouraging and helping to equip those “apostolically called” people who, like them, are bothered that in the 21st century AD there are still people living beyond the reach of the global Church.

Hope is glad to partner with Dave and Darien and Frontiers to bring the hope of the Gospel to Muslims, particularly those who will never come to the US or Europe. If you would like more information about their ministry, email Dave at friendsofthekeanes@yahoo.com.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that God will raise up workers for those who have no access to the Good News.
  • Pray that I will lead well - courageously and lovingly.
  • Pray that I will love my wife and children in such a way that they will know that they are loved.

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