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Community Prayer Time (COVID-19)

Hope Family,

In times of crisis it becomes easy to fear where is all this going. So let's LEAN INTO GOD and remember He doesn't forget or abandon us. Let's do this by praying... possibly like we haven't before! Now don't stop reading because I said "let's pray"! There's more to what we're suggesting :)

***We're going to be setting aside times each day to pause and pray... and we are asking everyone in the Hope Covenant family to join in as well, so that we know that at this moment, the rest of our church fam is praying! Let's start with 10 am and 2 pm and 8 pm. Will you join us?***

Set a reminder each day to pray at one or all of these times with us? Even if because of work, you can only quietly whisper, "Lord Jesus." Pick your own couple of words to center you on trust in God!

So today at 10 am our alarms will go off, and we will pray. Then at 2 pm than at 8 pm. No matter where we are. We are as a church family and fellow followers of Jesus doing this together, so when we do, let's pipe in and tell someone! Post here or on your FB page, or text a friend from church to let them know!

Note, some of us are going to use apps like the "Pause" app from Ransomed Heart Ministries (the link is here in this post!) which has really cool ways of helping you stop, pause, connect with God and pray. So feel free to use that or some other digital tool if you need to! How we need this, Body of Christ! Hope you join us!  

Download the app here: