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Women to Women - It's Relational

Women to Women – It’s Relational

God has built a relational need into each of us. So He also provides opportunities for personal interaction. Consider Mary, the mother of Jesus. A young virgin, who suddenly finds herself unmarried and pregnant with a miracle baby, is clued in by the angel that her cousin, Elizabeth, is six months into her own miracle pregnancy. What better place for a young girl to go for encouragement than to someone who knows her and understands something of the situation she is experiencing. So she goes to Elizabeth and spends three months with her, undoubtedly getting the encouragement she will soon need when she returns home and everyone takes note of the fact that she is expecting a child outside of wedlock.

We may never have an experience quite like that of Mary and Elizabeth, but our need for someone who understands and cares about us and our situation is just as real. Women seem to really get this. We tend to know, almost instinctively, that we need healthy relationships in order to thrive. That’s why Hope Women’s Ministries exist. We want to provide a safe and caring community where women can connect with other women who will understand and encourage. Multiple opportunities are planned for making and cultivating those connections including educational workshops, Diva Dessert nights, our spring retreat, and other events.

The next big women’s event on our calendar is the Bible Jumpstart conference being held on Saturday, October 11 from 9:00am to 2:00pm. There will be a great breakfast and lunch Womenconferenceprepared by Karen Pfautz and the ACTS team, inspirational and educational talks presented by Alyssa Brooks-Dowty and Fran Carey, helpful workshops on using various Bible study methods and tools, and, of course, time to connect with and encourage (and be encouraged by) other women. We will also have our book sale items available the day of the conference. The cost is just $25, and you may purchase tickets on Sunday morning or online. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with other Hope women while also getting a little better acquainted with the Bible and its place in your life.


Fran Carey

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