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Where's the Fruit?


Hi Hope Family,

I spent this last week in California at the Children’s Pastor Conference. It was a wonderful time of learning and worshipping. I was again reminded of how important it is to reach children for Christ. Children learn so quickly. Research has told us that the greatest window of opportunity for children to learn is before they reach the age of 13. Not that it is ever too late to give your life to Christ, but odds drop that you ever will after age 13. I think God wired us that way because he knew we’d need help when we start to decide things on our own.

It was so wonderful to baptize all those people on February 15th but I was especially proud of the 6 children that came forward. I’ve already seen their faith produced fruit in their lives and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for them.

Can people see the fruit coming from your faith? The Bible tells us we will be known by our fruit (James 2:11-26). I was reminded of this at the conference this past week. We were encouraged to tell others when we see Jesus in them, by what we’ve seen them do, and then affirm them in their faith. That seems like such a simple thing but when Tina Freeman told me that she sees Jesus in me (and then told me when she saw Him), I was moved to tears beyond words. I want to encourage you to tell the people around you how you see Jesus in them, and pray that someone will tell you, too.

I have attached the “Love Boldly Blessing” for each of you. May it encourage you as you bear fruit with your faith.


Loving Boldly,


Pastor Barb


love boldly