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Taste and See That the Lord Is Good

“Taste and see that the Lord is good” –Psalm 34:8

Earlier this week I was reading a convicting article by Jason Todd in Christianity Today called “The Socially Acceptable Sin.” To summarize, the author talked about something that is a bit close to home than many of us care to admit – gluttony. Thoughts of overeating are typically what come to mind. Gluttony encompasses much more than food for it is simply “The souls addiction to excess”. And is that not the American Dream?

Certainly each of us has wanted a larger house, nicer car, bigger paycheck. Even the most athletic seek higher performance with more muscle tone and greater definition. Within ministry there is a temptation to create more programs, bigger events, larger buildings, and more people.

Somewhere, there exists a healthy balance between hard-earned achievement and the indulgence of excess. If every desire for something more stems from a lack of satisfaction, where do you find yourself wanting and unsatisfied?

When we read Genesis 3, we see a beautiful picture of Adam and Eve in this exquisitely created garden. Even more magnificent than the taste of the food and beauty of their surroundings was the fact that they walked with God in the cool of the day. A paradise indeed!

Though there was no need, Adam and Eve reached out for more. “This endless pull is the engine of gluttony. It propels our souls ever toward excess” states Todd. While I do not believe that the desire for “more” is inherently bad, it is often misdirected. What we really need Todd suggests:

“is a relentless appetite for the divine. We need a holy ravenousness. Our craving souls can turn and become enthralled by a goodness that is found in the presence of an all-glorious God. There is only one infinite source of satisfaction that can satisfy our bottomless cravings.”

As we enter this New Year may our satisfaction not be found in the finite things of this world, but in the infinite who grants us fullness of life. Together, let us hunger and thirst to taste and drink deeply of the goodness of God.

To God be the glory!

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Pastor Ryan


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