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Prepare For Something Special

When company is coming over, when a big test is on the horizon, or a difficult conversation is coming later in the day, there is something important to be done.  It's called "preparation". We prepare for all kinds of things, and during this Easter season we want to extend an invitation to you to prepare for Easter. lent01

From Ash Wednesday (February 18th) to Easter is a season on the church calendar called, Lent. This span of about six weeks is a time when many Christians around the world focus on prayer, repentance, self-denial, and reflection.  This is a time to eliminate some of the distractions around us and pay attention to what really matters in life - Jesus. To this end, we want to offer you several things for this Lenton season:

  • Ash Wednesday Gathering: Next Wednesday morning, February 18th, we will have an open house time from 6am-9am.  During this time you are welcome to stop by to briefly pray, read Scripture, and receive the ceremonial ashes of the cross by one of our pastors.

  • Lenten Devotions: There are many wonderful devotionals that stretch from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday that you can commit to reading through during this season. The Evangelical Covenant Church in Canada has put together a great one that can be read online for free by clicking here. If you're interested in picking up a short book, I recommend N.T. Wright's Lent for Everyone.

  • Self-Denial or Fasting: Different forms of fasting have been practiced during Lent. The idea is that we give up something (e.g. usually food but perhaps, technology, alcohol, Facebook, TV, etc.) as a response to what Jesus has done for us. Often times in those moments of surrender and denial, we are able to focus and identify with God. You may want to consider fasting from something during this season as well.



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Pastor Brandon

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