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Navajo Mission Trip - VBS At LWBC

Hope Weekly 8/12/13

Navajo Mission Trip


Carolyn DeVane, Tristan & Eian Kovach, Verda Reeves, and Jim & Debbie Selland helped Living 100_4604Water Bible Church, Dilkon, AZ, conduct Vacation Bible School, July 15-19, for 141 Navajo Children. This is the eighth year that Hope has supported our Navajo friends. Later in the week, Ed & Carmen Blackshear, their two daughters India and Faith, their friend Anna, and Carmen’s 93 year old father, Al, joined our team.


Daily attendance during the week ranged from 21 to 38 children. We tailored the program to better align with the Navajo culture and their current needs. Throughout the week we presented lessons on family, friends, fighting, fear and evangelism--followed by crafts and games. Despite the fact that it rained nine days out of nine, we managed to squeeze in three softball games and a nice hike to Table Mesa Friday afternoon.

We could share many stories about the lovely Navajo children, but two stand out: one is about Lola, a cheery Navajo 10 year old. She told Jim, “I would rather be in church than anywhere else…I love 100_4708.JPGgoing to church.” She was very encouraging and cooperative in all of our activities. The other story is about Corey, a 13 year old Navajo boy living with his uncle. He made some bad choices and Jim had to take him home on Thursday afternoon. Jim made it clear to the uncle that we wanted Corey to come back Friday to finish the week on a positive note, but he would have to apologize for his actions--before he could come back. Friday morning he came running down his uncle’s driveway and said, “Mr. Jim, I am sorry for my behavior yesterday!” Many lessons were learned from this experience…self-control, humility, forgiveness, restoration…and more.

Our entire team wishes to thank our “sending” brothers and sisters from Hope for their prayers, financial support, and all the logistics/supplies they provided.

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