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Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam

Serving upon a farm in Oklahoma, I went with my mom to one little church in a nearby town. Of course part of our Sunday regimen was attending Sunday school. Often we sang cute little songs to begin our class. 

One teacher, by the name of Eva, had her favorite song "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam." Do you remember that song? Did you like it? Not me. I hated that actually. It made no sense to me at all. I didn't want to be a sunbeam! I wanted to be a farmer, or a reindeer, but a sunbeam.

One day I asked my mom what a sunbeam was. She took a sofa pillow and held it up near a window when sunshine was coming in through the venetian blinds, popped it with her hand and all those stuff started floating into the air. Then she said, "Those are sunbeams."

Well! Then I was sure I didn't want to be a sunbeam. Floating aimlessly through the air? Forget it!

But to that Sunday school teacher, being a sunbeam for Jesus was sitting quietly in our chairs, both feet on the floor, hands in our laps, watching intently with both eyes as she taught us her flannel-graph lesson. I was so confused!

But you know, God doesn't want sunbeams. Not you - not me. He doesn't need docete, children or adults floating through life. He wants life-changers -- people who not only have discovered that He's got a plan for their life, but are eager to share that discovery to somebody else.

So as we get off to a new year, are you ready to meet a new person, build a relationship with them, love them 'til they want to know why, and lead them to your friend Jesus?

Let's do it together!


Pastor Timm