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Change - A Word From Efrem Smith

A Word from Efrem, Pacific Southwest Conference Superintendent
Evangelical Covenant Church

Fall is a time of change. Soon we will change the time on our clocks and gain an extra hour. The weather will change and we will experience more rain, cooler breezes, and in some parts of our mission region – snow. Change definitely happens. Why do we often fight change?

One thing that can hinder the church from advancing the Kingdom of God is deciding to go to war against change. Change is upon us in ways that are good and not so good. We are in an increasing multiethnic and multicultural reality. The majority of citizens in the United States of America are not members of a Christian church. Terms such as ‘city’ and ‘urban’ are being redefined through the expansion of larger metropolitan areas driven by light rail transportation and new housing development. Change is indeed upon us.

In the midst of rapid change the church must focus on abiding and transforming. The church must continue to abide in Christ and the Kingdom He calls us to enter into right now. By abiding, the church becomes a sneak preview of the Kingdom of God. The church must also be the transforming force of God in an ever-changing world – seeing to it that the lost are found and the hurting are helped. When we feel the winds of change coming, let’s stay rooted in Christ and passionate about those who don’t know Him as Lord, Savior, and Liberator.

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