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A Word from Paul Wilson, Superintendent of Pacific Southwest Conference


Paul Wilson

A word from Paul Wilson
The Question I'm Asked Everyday

What am I asked everyday? "How do you like your new job?" My answer: "I like it a lot." Three reasons stand out.

First, I enjoy being with people and learning their stories. It is an honor to witness faith and hear the many dreams and struggles people share. A quick report - in case you don't know - we have a wonderful group of people serving our churches.

Second, my favorite contribution is helping people become who God created them to be. In this position, I get to do that a lot, either directly or indirectly. As we move forward, we will seek to significantly improve the impact of conference coaching for churches of all sizes and stages.

Third, I believe I'm called. I'm no prophet but I'm pretty sure there will be days, even weeks, in which I'm not that thrilled about my role. I imagine you have felt that way more than once. In those times, grace and strength comes from the fact that we are called by God. When we focus on our strength and competence, spirit and resolve begin to break. When we focus on His strength and competence, both spirit and resolve are fueled and accompanied by a sense of wonder.

One more item . . . if you haven't heard, a few days ago, I started a weekly audio text we are calling 10:24. We are sending it out each Tuesday at 10:24 a.m. to everyone who subscribes. Each week, I hope to add something of value to your life and service. The topics will be broad ranging from knowing God, to leading well, to personal health, to guidance navigating difficult situations.

As time goes on, I imagine I will include PSWC updates and a word from an occasional guest. To hear these, text the word "encourage" to 51400 and you will be signed up. 

To hear the inaugural June 3 message,  hear the inaugural June 3 message, click here.

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