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A Message of Gratitude


Hope Weekly, October 29, 2012

A Message of Gratitude


It's Sunday evening and I'm sitting on my sofa still winding down from our fantastic chili cookoff. If you missed it, we had about 150 people scarf up 17 kinds of homemade chili. Warren Lerch was our winner with Lily Cisneros and Annette Carrington coming in second and third. It was a great time of fellowship but I'll admit that I'm wiped. So I'm going to model some healthy self-care to you all and keep this article short.

I had grand plans of writing an article about worship, a topic I've been thinking and praying a lot about lately. Thankfully, worship isn't going anywhere. I, however, am. I'm simultaneously packing my house for a 18 mile move into Phoenix and getting ready for a trip to Pennsylvania later this week to visit family and friends. (Hopefully hurricane Sandy doesn't cancel my plans.) I'm contentedly tired, but I want to take a brief moment to extend my sincere thanks to the 20+ volunteers who helped make the 12th annual chili cookoff a success. Our congregation is stuffed full of givers. Today we were all blessed by 4 judges who tasted 17 varieties of chili, a bunch cornbread bakers, the men and women who set up the tables and canopies, prepared the buffet and all of the cheerful faces who moved chairs and helped put the kitchen and sanctuary back in order. Whether you planned to volunteer or you just stepped in at the last minute, it didn't go unnoticed. On behalf of our whole pastoral staff, I'm extending a huge thank you for the generous spirit you regularly bring to our fellowship.

Have a great week!

corrie g

Pastor Corrie

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since you wrote the article you can't thank yourself but I can!! You did a great job of organizing the whole event and it would not have been done so well if you had not been the leader. Congrats on a great job, good luck with the move and I think Sandy is going to impact your trip. If not be safe and enjoy. We are blessed to have you on staff at Hope.

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