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Faithless or Faithful


It‘s true we often suffer some great disappointments, some expectations or plans we might have not always materialized. We may even feel like God’s left us hanging and that an illness or injury has taken him away from us. But remember, He is faithful. And the real upside of this is if we remain faithful we will live eternally with Him someday. ...

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Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam

God doesn't want sunbeams. Not you - not me. He doesn't need docete, children or adults floating through life. He wants life-changers -- people who not only have discovered that He's got a plan for their life, but are eager to share that discovery to somebody else....

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Cup of Cold Water


Before we arrived back at Hope Covenant Church this summer to serve as the associate pastor, Karen & I had been travelling across the country in our motor home. When Pastor Duane called we were in South Dakota and travelling east on Interstate 90.......

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The Wisdom In Hot Chocolate


A group of middle-aged friends, well-established in their careers, were talking at a recent class reunion. When one of them mentioned an old professor they had all had in college, who was now retired but living close to campus, they decided to pay him a visit. He had always been a great inspiration and they knew they would enjoy reminiscing about the years back in school. ...

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Would You Know One If You Saw One?

A local businessman was teaching a Sunday School class of 4th grade boys and wanted especially to impress these boys because his own son was in the class. One Sunday during the lesson he asked, "Why do you suppose that people call me a Christian?" It was unusually quiet, so he asked again. "Why do you suppose that people call me a Christian?" Still no response. Mr. Jackson...

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Take a risk!

To be a risk-taker presumes doing. I looked into the face of a young man laying in a casket at his funeral. I’m sure nobody there wanted to trade places with him. He wasn’t doing anything bad… he just wasn’t doing! And not just not doing wrong isn’t a noble purpose to satisfy every people....

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