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Weekend to Remember

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The Pacific Southwest Conference is offering a discount for couples who register for "Weekend to Remember." Please use the discount code PSWC when registering and receive $100 off. The marriage retreat will be in Phoenix June 16-18....

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2015 Midwinter Conference - ECC President Updates

Evangelical Covenant Church president, Gary Walter, shares updates on Covenant mission and ministry at the 2015 Midwinter Conference in Denver, Colorado....

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The summer after my sophomore year of high school, my world was rocked at summer camp. My best friend spoke to our youth group and encouraged all of us to start figuring out what WE believe and quit living out our parent’s faith. I returned from camp having decided I was ready to put my stake in the ground and own my faith; read and learn about other religions and h...

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How To Keep Your Marriage Strong

Google “marriage jokes” and these are some of the things you’ll find: Marriage is not a word. It is a sentence��"a life sentence. Marriage is very much like a violin; after the sweet music is over, the strings are attached. Marriage is love. Love is blind. ...

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2014 Resolution on Immigration

The “2014 Proposed Immigration Resolution” is presented to the church with the intent of fostering dialogue, awareness, and feedback around a complex and often politicized issue. Please read this resolution which was presented at the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church this past June....

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A Word from Paul Wilson, Superintendent of Pacific Southwest Conference

What am I asked everyday? "How do you like your new job?" My answer: "I like it a lot." Three reasons stand out....

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Spiritual Practices

Sometime ago I was struck by a statement from Richard Mulholland in his book “The Deeper Journey.” He said, “we can be so busy being in the world for God that we fail to be in God for the world.” It’s often true that those of us engaged in ministry can find ourselves spiritually dry. If we are not grounded in God, attentive to the Spirit, we ...

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Do Christians Really Need Hope?

I am looking forward to our next series on Hope. I found myself thinking about the concept since you announced the series about how hope fits into a Christian’s life. And then I came to the conclusion that there is no room for hope in a Christian’s life....

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Forgotten Virtues

As we enter April, we are in the season of Lent, leading up to Easter near the end of this month. Many churches in the Covenant use the days of Lent to reflect with a depth of gratitude on the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus in prelude to the joy of Easter. ...

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4 Things Jesus Never Said

In the history of human kind, few people have been as widely quoted as Jesus. Which also means few have been misquoted as often as Jesus. I don’t mean we quote verses incorrectly; rather we associate thoughts, opinions, words and phrases with Jesus and the Bible that actually may not be there....

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How Can You Change?

In this week's article we are continuing our focus with the theme of our new sermon series, God's Transforming Power. According to N.T. Wright, after we believe in Jesus, God calls each of us to be "transformed" in this life, to cooperate with the Spirit and change our character. Here is Wright, in an article he wrote for Relevant Magazine, called What To Do After You Beli...

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Paul Wilson Nominated to be PSWC Superintendent

Paul Wilson, pastor of First Covenant Church in Oakland, California, has been nominated to be the new Pacific Southwest Conference superintendent. The election will be held at the PSWC Annual Meeting in Sacramento, California, on April 26....

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We Celebrate in Different Ways the Same Story

You find them in varying styles in all kinds of places throughout the world during the Christmas season. There were more than three dozen of them displayed in Evangelical Covenant Church offices this year. The nativity �" or crèche �" depicts the story of the birth of Jesus....

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