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Weekend to Remember

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The Pacific Southwest Conference is offering a discount for couples who register for "Weekend to Remember." Please use the discount code PSWC when registering and receive $100 off. The marriage retreat will be in Phoenix June 16-18....

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A Life of Power


Of all the emotions that a human can feel, fear is possibly the most impactful. Fear can seamlessly compel a person to act in ways that are not beneficial to their well-being. Fear is of the enemy......

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Faithless or Faithful


It‘s true we often suffer some great disappointments, some expectations or plans we might have not always materialized. We may even feel like God’s left us hanging and that an illness or injury has taken him away from us. But remember, He is faithful. And the real upside of this is if we remain faithful we will live eternally with Him someday. ...

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Love Does


Love isn’t just for Valentines Day -- it’s what gets me up everyday. Love isn’t just for that one special someone -- it’s for everyone. The chance to care for and encourage those around me is an honor. Measure all things in your life by the “Rule of Love”. What would God have you do? What does love require? What breaks your heart, and what one thing can you do ...

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Elite Athletes


Truth be told, I am not an elite athlete. When I was in kindergarten, I flunked “skip” (not sure how my self-esteem survived that report card, but that is another story). While early on, I was too uncoordinated to skip, I did play baseball, soccer, real football, and basketball when I was growing up. However, I was never endowed with the physical gifts to become what I...

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Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam

God doesn't want sunbeams. Not you - not me. He doesn't need docete, children or adults floating through life. He wants life-changers -- people who not only have discovered that He's got a plan for their life, but are eager to share that discovery to somebody else....

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Hot or Cold

I pray for Hope and all the other churches I have had the privilege of serving, that we would glow RED HOT with Christ's love. That the world might know just by looking we are about our Father’s work. I pray no one will ever wonder if I really believe in the work and the relationship God has called me to. Do you feel the same? Can the people around you feel the fire in y...

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May The Force...

01-03-16 May The Force

There are many differences between God, as the Bible describes Him, and the Force of Star Wars but there’s a line from Han Solo in the new movie that sums it up. One of the new characters talks about how he’s going to do something that seems impossible and Han asks him how. The young man says, “I’ll use the Force,” and runs off. Han yells after him, “That’s n...

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John the Baptist: The Forerunner


When it was time for Elizabeth to have her baby, she gave birth to a son... On the eighth day [her neighbors and relatives] came to circumcise the child, and they were going to name him after his father Zechariah, but his mother spoke up and said, “No! He is to be called John.”...

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Prepare Him Room

As we kick off this Advent season, let us remember that "The real Christmas was nothing like the Christmas we’ve come to know, with its traditions, memories, and legends. It was a desperate moment that occurred for a desperate reason."...

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